"The Terrorbyte system was programmed in 1981 as part of a artificially intelligent UK security firewall developed by MI5 against a backdrop of political tension towards the end of the cold war. After the collapse of the Soviet Union , the Terrorbyte system was suspended and the software was subsequently deleted ... or so they thought. Fragments of Terrorbyte a.i. were scattered amongst the UK governmental mainframe and in 2004 coalesced and went renegade. Terrorbyte's digital ghost now traverses the internet undertaking guerilla raids against commercial pop music high on illicit cookies, spam emails and raw infrabass frequency spectrums."

Terrorbyte is architect of the UK based Beta Birmingham and Beta Test imprints and part of the indubitably dope UK Glitch Hop crew.. Beta Birmingham was founded in 2011 to diffuse the most impeccably detailed and freshest electronic music in the Midlands with Beta Test Records to follow in 2014 with the release of a 180g Glitch Hop Battlewax, first in what is to become a series of releases from some of the meanest gremlins on the glitch circuit.

Catch Terrorbyte's monthly Beta Broadcasts for the UK Glitch Hop Show on glitch.fm featuring regular guest mixes and interviews from the likes of Opiuo, AMB, Heyoka, Mr Switch, Chris De Luca [Funkstorung] Joshua Casper, Dephicit, Riddim Fruit, Abstracker, Otist Reading, It Takes Two To Tango and many more. Archives of are available opposite but don't forget to check out the UK Glitch Hop Soundcloud to hear more from hosts Morbidly Obese Midget, Colony Productions, William Breakspear, Mouldy Soul and Your Niece.

For more information + bookings, please contact betatestrecords@live.com

Most of my music is available for free download! However, where possible support your independent labels and producers by following the purchase links!!

Interview for Birmingham Review 04/04/2013 - 'Council Pop - Beta Birmingham 003'

"So good that you listen to it twice, then again, then again the next day – eventually laying it to rest in your iTunes account next to polished purchases from the majors." Ed King.


Featured song - Life Support Machine 15/11/2012 'Glitch Hop Bootlegs Are Bigger Than Hip Hop [Ghetto Funk Edition]'

"It’s sure fire dance floor ammo! Go grab it!"


Otherside Radio 07/08/2011 - 'Graffic Equalisers - Beta Birmingham'

"Dangerously Fresh"


"Beta Test Records are Birmingham’s undisputed champions of Glitch Hop."

01/03/14 - Birmingham Review

"Ooooooooh yyyesss .. I Like this."

Quantum Duality [Spectro Graff Hop Mix] - Si Begg